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May Day 2022

Fleurs have so missed celebrating ‘Merry May’ along with our friends and loyal audience, many of you will know that Hydon’s Hill was originally Cuphill Morris Men’s stomping ground, and once their numbers became low, Fleurs happily carried on the tradition of dancing up there, BUT the venue is not currently viable for some of our members, so in order to keep the tradition alive, we are currently considering alternative, Godalming based venues, we will keep you posted.


Weekend of 2nd/3rd April, Fleurs will be in Godalming town celebrating the life of a much missed friend and legend Steve Goddard.

Saturday 23rd April St. Georges Day dancing and Mummer’s play at The Mill Elstead TBC.

Saturday 30th April Pilgrim Morris Summerpole in Guildford town.

Sunday 1st May MAY DAY TBD.

Saturday 4th June Jubilee celebrations in Cranleigh.

Monday 6th June Jubilee celebrations at The Meath in Godalming.

Saturday 7th May Broadwood Day of Dance in Horsham.

Saturday 21st May Winchester Mayfest in Winchester town TBC.

Saturday 2nd July Fleurs day of dance TBD.

Saturday 9th July Cranleigh Rectory Fete TBC.

Weekend of 10th/11th September Swanage Folk Festival.


FLEUR DE LYS MORRIS were set up during the folk revival in 1976, we dance Stave, Cotswold and some Border dances.

We are a Ladies’ dance side with both sex musicians, and we occasionally dance out with Cup Hill Morris Men. Our emblem the Fleur de Lys or Lily flower, is one possible origin for the name of our County town Guildford ‘The Golden Ford’ referring to the Yellow and Purple Flag Irises that grew around the marshy fords, our kit reflects those vibrant colours. We dance Stave dances (back in the day taught to us by Roy Dommett), based on the processional steps of The Friendly Societies, along with Cotswold and Border styles, we also have our own Farncombe Tradition music and dances.
You will find us out and about all through the year, dancing at various local Pubs, Fetes and Town events, as well as further afield at Folk Festivals, so see you there!

We can be booked for private events, Fetes, Parties, Weddings, Care Homes etc, so if you are looking for something a bit different, get in touch to ask about our rates.

Bookings   Liz Heaton 07762212642   fleursbag@btinternet.com
Musicians  Kevin Gorton  01483 415962
Squire        Mel Williams  07935931599

If you are interested in joining us as a dancer (ladies), or musician (ladies and gents), please get in touch. Morris dancing is great fun, and provides members with a great social life, every season brings a full calendar of event dancing, pub sessions and weekend folk festivals. We dance out all summer, and practice during the winter months on a Tuesday evening in Godalming, followed by a jar in the pub.

Please note we have had a change of website address from www.fleurdelysmorris.com to www.fleurdelysmorris.org